Nebulae Global is guided by personal faith and the principals of co-operation to:

Provide individuals, families, and communities with innovative and beneficial products and services;

Promote an inclusive society and economy representative of all people;

Promote economic opportunity for individuals or communities to participate, beyond the creation of jobs;

Prepare entrepreneurs by providing business services, technical support, financial assistance, and R&D expertise to start-up and emerging social enterprises, traditional businesses, and non-profits.


Nebulae Global is committed to innovating and launching sustainable products that solve critical societal needs for rural and urban communities in America and around the globe.

Domestic & International Advocacy

Nebulae Global is committed to leveraging its assets to improve the lives of communities in rural and urban America and around the globe. Nebulae Global affirms the international cooperative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, and solidarity; and will work to ensure the adoption of these values amongst individuals and communities globally.


Nebulae Global is concerned with entrepreneurship, innovation, and supportive services. Our goal is to help you become and remain successful.