Nebulae Global Confirms THE SMART CHAIR Proof-of-Concept

Monrovia, MD – April 30, 2021 – Nebulae Global Benefit Corp. (Nebulae Global), led by Wanda L. Spence, CEO, confirms proof-of-concept for its patented SMART CHAIR. THE SMART CHAIR is a novel wheelchair developed to achieve current modalities of manual and electric wheelchairs in addition to the transformative modality of offering full range motion, including lowering users on to and off of the floor. THE SMART CHAIR is designed for individuals who use wheelchairs as a secondary aide and those wheelchair-bound. The targeted user group includes the elderly, quadriplegics, and amputee victims, as well as individuals with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, scoliosis, and cystic fibrosis. THE SMART CHAIR is inherently a disruptor because current data does not categorize Lowering & Lifting Off the Floor as a modality. Current wheelchairs on the market lack the ability to offer the full range of floor to raised positions or floor to standing positions. 

Initial market analysis confirms THE SMART CHAIR a multi-billion-dollar disruptor with the opportunity to positively impact the lives of prospective users. 

Wanda Spence, CEO:

“Although our motivation is not profit alone, investors can feel confident our device will not only impact the lives of American’s struggling to maintain or obtain independence due to their particular mobility challenges, but also be profitable so that businesses and communities can better sustain themselves. Also, advocates should understand that THE SMART CHAIR will be green and not negatively add to our current climate issues.”

Nebulae Global has a goal of raising $2 to $5 million in capital to further develop and launch THE SMART CHAIR. 

Stephen R. McDow, Executive Vice President, Strategy:

“Proof-of-concept says the chair is feasible and can be further developed. It’s not ‘pie-in-the-sky’ thinking; rather, an empirically proven and science based idea birthed from a very personal experience Wanda had. This is America, and the desire lead wheelchair innovation globally is what we’re about.”

About Nebulae Global Benefit Corp.

Nebulae Global is guided by personal faith and the principals of cooperation to:

Provide individuals, families, and communities with innovative and beneficial products and services; Promote an inclusive society and economy representative of all people; Promote economic opportunity for individuals or communities to participate, beyond the creation of jobs and; Prepare entrepreneurs by providing business services, technical support, financial assistance, and R&D expertise to start-up and emerging social enterprises, traditional businesses, and non-profits.

Nebulae Global’s founder, Wanda L. Spence, is the great-niece of Civil Rights daughter Delilah W. Pierce, an internationally renowned artist, curator, advocate, and diplomat – 

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Great-Niece of Civil Rights Daughter Launches Benefit Corporation To Develop Mobility Device Products For Individuals With Physical Disabilities

Monrovia, MD – 1/7/2021— Wanda L. Spence, great-niece of civil rights daughter Delilah W. Pierce, internationally renowned artist, curator, advocate, and diplomat launches Nebulae Global Benefit Corporation to manage the development and launch of mobility devices that will bring equity and greater independence to individuals with physical disabilities.

Wanda put her creativity into action after a member of her church experienced a non-life-threatening fall. The experience left the church member filled with anxiety.

“I could tell the church member was embarrassed and upset with her independence being diminished. I immediately started thinking about how I could create a company to develop products to help maintain a sense of independence for individuals with physical disabilities,” said Wanda L. Spence, Founder and CEO. 

Wanda then asked Stephen R. McDow II (son) to help. Stephen has spoken several times on how the co-operative business model could be used to innovate products that impact individuals with disabilities.

Stephen R. McDow II, Executive Vice President, Strategy, “Often times, poor Whites and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) are forgotten about if they live with a physical disability in society. They often feel isolated and become depressed leading to a diminished quality of life. We cannot throw away the key and forget about the millions of seniors and individuals with disabilities.” 

Still motivated from speaking at the Cooperatives UK Retail Conference, Stephen connected Wanda (mother) with his mentor and friend, Roland Hall, senior partner at Autry, Hall, Cook, LLP in Georgia. Mr. Hall advised them to launch a benefit corporation and manage it following the cooperative principles. A benefit corporation will allow them to create jobs and empower entrepreneurs to build strong eco-systems.

On November 30, 2020, Nebulae Global Benefit Corporation was formed. 

Wanda L. Spence, Founder & CEO, “We feel like it is our calling to help improve the human condition by investing in entrepreneurs and communities.” 

Nebulae Global has an initial goal of raising $2 to $5 million in capital in order to develop and launch its first product – a patented mobility medical device. The Spence Family has invested some initial start-up capital; however, reaching the financial targets will increase opportunities for success. 

“Stephen and I knew we needed an all-star team to accomplish our goals. We hired Chad Schneider, PE, MSE, who is the founder and president of Root3 Labs, an engineering and product development firm and recruited Dr. Ursela Worsham, from UC Irvine Medical School as a founding board member to name a few,” Wanda said.

Mr. Schneider will serve as Nebulae’s chief technologist and help lead the development of Nebulae Global’s portfolio of mobility and disability products. Chad has over 20 years engineering experience in the design of complex electromechanical prototypes and products for the medical device industry. 

Dr. Ursula Worsham, Executive Director of Student Support Services for University of California Irvine School of Medicine will help Nebulae Global maintain its focus on helping people and communities first over profit.  

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