Spence Family History

The Spence Family

The Spence family, headed by their matriarch, Mediel Wallace Spence, leverages their family’s estate to bring hope, opportunity, and joy to marginalized communities in rural and urban America and internationally.

Nebulae Global works with other Spence family members to manage the Delilah W. Pierce Collection. Mrs. Spence is the niece of Delilah W. Pierce. Ms. Pierce’s priceless collection includes her original works, as well as works from prominent African American artists: Alma Thomas, Lois Jones, Elizabeth Catlett, Charles White, and Sargent Johnson, to name a few. The collection also includes original works by artists like France’s Maurice Utrillo. Nebulae Global ensures the collection and Ms. Pierce’s history in advocacy and diplomacy educate for generations to come. Nebulae Global also manages their Martha’s Vineyard property where they have vacationed for five generations. This property plays a key role in educating the world about the history of African Americans on the New England island. The Spence family is instrumental in providing start-up capital for Nebulae Global, their new benefit company. Additionally, the products launched by Nebulae Global will finance domestic and international philanthropic work.

The Spence family represents many families under one umbrella in the same bloodline: The Pierce’s, Wallace’s, McDow’s and others. Each family continues to impact society through entrepreneurship, advocacy, the arts, and philanthropy.

Let’s innovate and fight for the indigent together.

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